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The 7 benefits of rowing: What are they

Rowing professionals use rowing machines for indoor training and there are even rowing competitions. Therefore, the benefits of rowing are very complete. Rowing provides a very complete workout if the correct technique is used. Excessive use of the arms, arching of the back or its inclination, can cause injuries. If you’re not sure how to row properly, ask a personal trainer or expert for help. Here we tell you the 7 benefits of the rowing machine.

Rowing benefits for your body

Improved cardiovascular capacity

By doing rowing exercises we strengthen a large number of muscles and, in addition, cardiovascular capacity is increased, entering more oxygen. With this aerobic training, the health of the heart and lungs is increased and fat is burned.

Increased muscular endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle group to sustain heavy weights for a prolonged period of time. The high volume of movements performed in a rowing session will toughen the muscles in your legs, back, and arms. So one of the benefits of rowing is that it makes you more resistant to fatigue, considerably reducing fatigue.

Improved coordination

With the rowing exercise we will strengthen all the main joints of the body. Rowers must follow a specific pattern to generate maximum force with each stroke and minimize the risk of injury. With rowing, coordination is developed, in other words, the ability to control the extremities of the body at the same time and precisely.

Greater joint mobility

Another of the benefits of the rowing machine that we will name is that it helps to mitigate the stiffness of the joints caused by inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle.  Moving the joints through a wide range of motion stimulates the production of synovial fluid. Synovial fluid lubricates the joints so they will function properly. With the rowing we will achieve less wear on the joints and will help improve their health.

Improves the performance of almost the entire body

Practicing rowing allows you to work almost the entire body. By performing the rowing movement, you not only build your arms but also exercise your legs, abs, back and many more parts of the body. In the following illustration we show you which muscles you exercise when rowing.

Rowing phases:

The catch

In this phase of training, the benefits of rowing are more than remarkable. Virtually every muscle in the body is worked at different intensities. It is the moment in which the legs are flexed and we are ready to take the shooter.

The drive

It is the moment in which more muscles work with greater intensity. We went on to extend our legs and firmly hold the handle of the oar, without actually pulling it.

The finish

This phase is the one in which we work the muscles of the arms and abdomen the most, the benefits of rowing for strength in this phase of rowing are more than remarkable. Without arching or bending the back, we draw the shooter towards the navel.


In this last phase, before starting the cycle again, the muscles of the arms and legs are worked thanks to the resistance that we exert by not bending the back. A phase that is very important to perform correctly in order to start the next repetition in the most effective way possible and to take full advantage of the benefits of rowing.

Helps reduce stress

Sometimes it surprises that one of the benefits of rowing is not physical, but psychological. The truth is that when you train practicing rowing, you are working almost all the muscles, which makes you concentrate more and stop thinking about other things.  In addition, doing daily rowing sessions helps you to have proper oxygenation as well as expel hormones. As a consequence of all this, stress is reduced and quality of life is improved.

It is accessible to everyone

Today there are a wide variety of rowing machines, so according to your needs you can buy one or another. However, it should be noted that there are different qualities, so those of lower quality tend to have a lower price than those of high quality or luxury. If in your case the budget you have is not very high, don’t worry! I’m sure there’s one that meets your requirements.


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