What are the benefits of curved treadmills?

Running is one of the best physical exercises you can do to keep fit. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most practiced both outdoors and indoors. Treadmills alleviated some of the problems involved in practicing this sport outdoors. Curved treadmills have recently arrived, which provide some added benefits thanks to their particularities.

Benefits of curved treadmills

1. It allows you to faithfully reproduce the movement in the race

If you want an indoor treadmill for the days, times or situations when you can’t run outside, curved treadmills are just what you need. One of the great benefits of curved treadmills is that they really resemble running in an outdoor environment, with changes of pace, with your own effort to move it since it lacks a motor and with the desired rhythm and speed in each section of the treadmill. time in training.

Being able to reproduce indoors, without pollution problems, adverse weather conditions, or traffic hazards, the outdoor race is a great advantage for effective and safe training.  Something very interesting both for runners, athletes or for team sports practitioners who want to improve their speed or sprint.

2. The caloric expenditure involved is higher than with other treadmills

Do you run to keep fit? Is it your favorite sport to lose weight? One major advantage of curved treadmills over traditional treadmills is that you burn many more calories during an exercise session. The treadmill does not move alone by a motor; it is the runner who moves it. Obviously that implies a greater effort that translates into an increase in caloric expenditure. And it helps you burn fat if the goal of your training is to lose weight.

This difference in caloric expenditure is not negligible; It is estimated at a 30% increase in it in curved treadmills compared to classic treadmills. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can enjoy the same session time with greater effort and burning more calories, or choose to achieve similar performance by devoting less time to training.

3. Effectively train the entire leg muscles

The fact that this type of treadmill is similar to outdoor running, makes the leg muscles that you need to have more worked for your races develop properly. The entire lower body will be in shape as if you were training with unevenness and changes of pace on the street. The posterior muscles of the legs, for example, are effectively worked due to the effort that the runner must make when running to be able to move the treadmill.

4. Improve your running technique

Being able to train on a treadmill the same way you would on the street helps you improve your running technique. It is one of the benefits of curved treadmills that are very important for training. Correcting your stride or posture, for example, will be easier for you than outside; If you have a trainer or by placing the treadmill in front of the mirror, you will become aware of small details that affect your technique and that you can modify to improve it.

When training on a curved treadmill, you should first support the metatarsus instead of the heel, which will also help you improve your technique if you sin from that habit. And you’ll be pushing the muscles where you really need to be to run with good form. Plus, it allows for faster pace changes and a top speed limited only by your ability or your choice.

5. Protects the joints

One of the great handicaps of outdoor training is how demanding it is on the joints and the high risk of injury due to this and other problems, such as obstacles, for example. Curved treadmills allow you to run just like outside but minimizing those risks. They have been specially designed for this and are capable of absorbing impacts and protecting the joints during the race.

6. Save energy

It is not about saving energy for the runner, it is about saving electricity costs. It may seem like a minor advantage to you, but if you stop to think about it, the monetary savings over time can be very important. That if we talk about individuals. But in the case of gyms and training centers, this is really a notable extra benefit that can make a big difference in energy costs. It is not a determining factor in deciding on one curved treadmill over another, the previous questions make it clear what those factors are, but it is an added benefit that is interesting to highlight.

As you can see, the benefits that curved treadmills have and that they can bring you every day of training are important. Keep them in mind if you are thinking of changing the tape or want to enjoy its improvements.

Our recommendations

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Titanium Strength Self Propelled

Titanium Strength presents its new professional self-propelled treadmill, a reliable and resistant option. It is a very complete treadmill. It has a robust design and high-quality manufacturing. It has a range of up to 150,000 km. No motor, no electricity and zero maintenance. Find out!

Speed Fit – DraxFit

If you are even more demanding, we present you the Speed Fit treadmill. Control your workouts and speed through the position of your body on the treadmill. It has a new design that improves the stride of the user. It is the perfect option for Hiit workouts.


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