The 5 best exercises for calves

All parts of the body are important and normally each of them has to be worked on separately. It is true that there are exercises in which you work more than one muscle group, but what is true is that in order to be able to muscle and tone well, it is important to perform isolated exercises.

Usually the day that touches legs is one of the worst days. For most of us calf development seems like a losing battle long before we even start training. But if you want to fight to have a balanced body, it is inevitable not to train this area, so we are going to teach you 5 TOP exercises so that you can show off your calves.


Traditional calf raises are the key to a comprehensive leg program. Made on a specific machine, your twins will work with special emphasis.

Consider what is best for you, whether to block your knees or not. If you decide to lock it, do not add too much weight, instead if you decide to bend them slightly, make sure you keep them in a good position.

If your gym does not have the specific machine for this exercise, then hold two dumbbells, one with each arm, approach a step and go up and down from there.


The muscle that is located below the calves is just as important as all the others, so it must also be exercised. When this muscle is developed it will give the calf a wider view.

If you don’t have access to a calf raise machine (seated) you can place your knees under a bar while sitting with your feet on a step.

You should incorporate knee training to strengthen this area.


It is difficult to find specific machines for cufflinks, but what you will surely find in a press.  If you position your toes at the bottom of the press and fully straighten your leg, you are still doing a calf exercise.


Calves can’t just be built in the gym; you can also work them on the street. The sprint offers you a very unique stimulus, in addition to activating your metabolism and your ability to burn calories, it also strengthens your lower extremities.


Both the polymeric exercises and the jump rope lead your calves to a constant “rebound” thanks to this you exercise this area in an intense, fast and unique way.


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