What are the best exercises for women’s arms?

What women look for the most, normally, are exercises to lose weight in their arms or to improve their flaccidity. Many times we get confused, but a woman should perform the exercises for women’s arms in a similar way to men, so you have to forget the idea that picking up heavy weights will make you look masculine and start thinking that you are not really you work hard and sacrifice or you won’t get the body you have in mind.

Before starting the exercises for women’s arms, do a short warm-up, both at the cardiovascular level, such as a few minutes of rowing or elliptical training, and at the joint level, arm movements and rotations. Between sets you can rest for about a minute and always reaching muscular failure. If, when you reach the last marked repetition, you can still do many more, it means that you haven’t done it with enough intensity, so you should increase the weight and concentrate more.

With the exercise routine to strengthen the arms of women that we propose below, you will be able to improve muscle tone, especially that flaccidity in the triceps area that normally worries so much. Do not forget that if you do not do it regularly, accompanied by aerobic exercise and a good diet, it will not be as effective, the weights are not miracles.

We will divide the routine into three blocks, a first part for the biceps, a second for the triceps and a third for the forearm and shoulder, to work the arm completely. You can carry out this routine at home with the help of very little material, for each exercise we will do 4 series of 15 repetitions. Observe the images to adopt the correct technique and not involve the muscles that we do not want, a good execution is essential to achieve results and avoid injuries.

Biceps exercise for arms for women

1. Dumbbell Hammer

This is one of the most effective and simple exercises to strengthen the arms of women. You should stand up with your legs slightly open, dumbbells in your arms -of the weight that best suits your physique- and with your arms stretched downwards parallel to your body. The movement to perform is very simple, you only have to raise the dumbbells and bring them closer to your chest.

2. Cable curl

For this exercise you must use a gym machine with a pulley (another option is a bar with discs, in case you want to train at home). You simply have to position yourself as in the previous exercise and perform the same movement. It will seem that you do the same exercise, but when doing it with pulleys or bars the performance is different.

3. Concentrated Curl

This is well known among women’s arm exercises for its effectiveness in toning the biceps. Sit on a bench, reach down with one arm with a dumbbell and bring it up close to your chest.

Triceps exercises for arms for women

1. Triceps kickback

In this exercise you must place the left knee and the left hand on the bench. Place your arm parallel to your body and in a 90-degree position. The movement to be carried out will be to lengthen the arm as much as possible so that it is straight and parallel with the body.

2. Pulley Triceps Exercise

Grab a pulley, place your arms in a 90-degree position with a good grip on the pulley, and without moving your elbows from this position, stretch down.

3. Funds between banks

In the last of the exercises for women’s arms, you can put weight on your legs, near the hips, to increase performance, but it will cost you more. Although we warn you, if you still have not defined the triceps, this exercise will make you sweat the fat drop!

Forearm and Shoulder Exercises for Women’s Arms

1. Bench Forearm Exercise

Kneel in front of a bench, stretch your arms over it with a dumbbell in each hand. The movement to be carried out will simply be to raise the dumbbells and bring them closer to the chest.

2. Shoulder Press Exercise

In this exercise you will exercise the shoulder, for this you must sit on a bench with your back straight, a dumbbell in each arm in a 90-degree position and raise your arms placing the dumbbells over your head, always with your arms fully stretched up.

3. Inclined Side Raises

The latter may be one of the easiest exercises for women’s arms to perform. You will have to hold on to a bar or surface that is well supported with one hand, and lean as far as possible to the opposite side. Once this is done and with a dumbbell in the other hand you should raise your arm, fully stretched, until it is in a straight line with your shoulder.

These have been the exercises that we recommend for toning the arm of the woman. If you have any questions, or need help in your training or routine of female arms, do not hesitate to contact us.


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