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The 9 best exercises for cyclists and improve your performance

Exercises for cyclists at home are necessary for more efficient work on the road. These gym exercises for cyclists should not be missing from your regular workouts. They will help you tune up your body and get better performance on the bike by working on different areas and capacities.

1. Kettlebell swings

It is one of the most interesting exercises with weights for cyclists, and should not be missing in a leg exercise routine for cyclists. Why? Because it helps to strengthen the posterior legs and to harden the buttocks, lower back and abdominal muscles. This combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise works a large number of muscles.

One of its benefits for cyclists is to get a stronger pedaling. And improve stamina. Plus, it’s one of the many kettlebell exercises out there that could be part of your workout.

When executing it, try to flex the knees a little because the turn should not start from these but from the hip. And these together with glutes and abdominals is the one that exerts the force, not the arms. Keep your back straight and your gaze forward for good technique, minimizing the risk of injury.

2. Squats 

They are key to improving strength and endurance. The ideal is to start with few repetitions and low weight to increase these progressively. Performing these exercises works the quadriceps and hamstrings. Also hips and knees.

It is key in a cyclist’s exercise routine because it increases flexibility and improves the ability to sprint. In fact, for many professionals it is one of the essential exercises for cyclists at home in a complete workout.

3. Russian Twist or Russian turns

It is one of the most effective core exercises for cyclists. It allows to work the external oblique muscles of the abdomen and strengthen the back. For a good technique avoiding the risk of injury, it is essential to rotate the chest and not the arms, a common mistake.

Breathing is key to doing the exercise well. It is one of the stretching exercises for cyclists aimed at improving flexibility and improving posture. This is key to avoiding back pain on the bike.

If you want to increase performance with this exercise you can grab a medicine ball and do the same movement. Doing this will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

4. Burpees

It is one of the best strength exercises for cyclists. Helps improve performance. And it is a complete exercise that contributes to improving form from different points. Performing it correctly involves muscular effort. But also posture control, coordination and resistance at the same time. Burpees allow you to work muscles and joints. Also burn calories and increase heart rate.

As in other exercises, respecting the technique in each step is essential to avoid injuries. Breathing will help you accompany each movement.

5. Lunges

These gym exercises for cyclists allow you to work practically every muscle in the body during their execution. Exercise glutes and legs. And, in addition, it stimulates the quadriceps.

This exercise is key to improving the power of the entire lower body. It also improves coordination and aerobic fitness. As you can see, all these benefits are of great relevance for the practice of cycling. For this reason, lunges are considered one of the essential exercises for cyclists at home or in the gym. Also, to get more performance out of this exercise, it can be done with dumbbells.

6. Push-up renegade Row or renegade rowing push up.

This is one of the core exercises for cyclists that also allows you to work other important areas. Among them chest and shoulders as well as biceps and back. They are exercises for cyclists at home for strength and coordination work.

Procura performs the movements smoothly and slowly, always taking into account the proper technique. He starts running them light weight. As you progress in your workouts you can increase this progressively and not forcefully. Three sets of ten repetitions with rest in between is more than enough.

7. Planks or anaerobic plank exercises

The ideal is to combine the basic technique with variations, in a batch followed by three minutes without a break. Although if you are just starting out, you can settle for doing half the time and little by little increase the time dedicated to this exercise without stopping. You will be surprised by its effectiveness.

The plates work abs, lower back and shoulders above all.  Although the truth is that they benefit the whole body by strengthening and toning both the lower body and the upper body.

8. Single Leg Deadlifts or deadlifts with one leg

This is a basic exercise to correct muscular imbalances. Something essential for those who practice cycling. It also reports other important benefits for cyclists such as strengthening the hips and hamstrings.

For this reason, it is one of the leg exercises for cyclists that should be included in a work routine at home or in the gym.

9. Box Jumps or jumps to the box

As you can imagine, its inclusion in an exercise routine for cyclists is essential. Whether you are an amateur or a professional. For best performance perform them in bursts of speed.

The choice of the size of the box is very important. It should not be too high and it has to be comfortable for you. Although always with a challenge component. Remember the importance of jumping and landing in a squat when executing the exercise for a well-executed technique.

Include all of these exercises for cyclists at home in your off-bike training routine. Whether you decide to train at home, in the gym or even outdoors. Respect the techniques as much as possible to minimize the risk of injury at all times. And prepare your body off the bike for better performance and results on it.


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