Muscle Wiki: the website that provides you with specific exercises for each muscle

Uniting the term wiki (Wikipedia) and training, Muscle Wiki has designed a web page, which exudes functionality by all ends. Thinking about the world of training and its thousands of different exercises, aimed not only at each muscle group but at the muscle in particular, Wiki becomes a good tool to be able to determine the perfect exercises that you need at all times.

Simplicity, particularity and comfort are the terms with which this page works. The community is built on these pillars and emphasizes the motto that the difficulty is in the journey, not in the directions. They search and create a site where access to fitness related information is immediately accessible, thanks to the interactive muscle map.

It is important that this tool be used in a healthy way for your body and mind, always starting from the intention of improving our physical condition to gain health and well-being. It should be used as a guide to take care of our body, food and mind without causing obsession.

In its main menu you will have the option to choose your gender, that is, based on what your body is like according to your gender, the best training is chosen especially for you. In this way, the weight or repetitions of an exercise can vary, and you can choose whether to guide yourself in this aspect or not. The program will provide you with everything, supporting it with moving images (gifs) or even videos.

Then, choose the specific muscle or muscle groups you want to work, for example the upper and triceps area, and explanations of the exercises you can do to strengthen the chosen muscle will automatically appear. This way you will be able to create a complete and defined guide to your most individual requirements and you will have a great “exercise encyclopedia”.

With the Force USA Monster Commercial G9 multi -gym you can work the upper zone at home. For example, the Force USA Monster G9 allows you to train your chest, lats, triceps, abductors and glutes. Its multiple grips will allow you to do all the exercises and train specific sectors.

Cable push-ups are an excellent exercise to strengthen and muscle the triceps. The Force USA Monster G9 and Muscle Wiki will help you achieve your goals quickly. In addition, the web not only has exercises, but you have the option of several calculators, both for calories and macronutrients, so that you can keep track of yourself even more specifically.

Calorie calculator

It can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day. This calculator will also be able to provide you with some simple guidelines to gain or lose weight, allowing you to know how you can maintain a healthy diet, allowing you to better understand your body and keep it healthy with the recommended calories.

Macronutrient Calculator

Macronutrients are normally defined as the three substrates that are used by the body for energy production. These energy substrates are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, all of which create the total calories contained in food. Consult the best sources of vegetable protein and the best macronutrients.


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