Top 10 cardio exercises that burn the most calories

Cardiovascular workouts are those exercises in which large muscle groups are exercised for a prolonged period of time (20 minutes). They are done at a moderate, steady intensity throughout your workout and are a great way to maintain proper physical condition. What is achieved with these exercises is basically maintaining muscle tonelosing weight, and oxygenating the cardiovascular system (hence its name).

In addition to following a balanced diet, cardio exercises are the best way to lose weight. Although, obviously, not all exercises have the same calorific output. If your idea is to lose weight quickly, you will be interested in including in your routine those exercises that burn the most calories. For this reason, in this article, experts bring you the definitive list with the exercises that burn the most calories:

Cardio exercises that burn the most calories

Exercise Calories burned in 5 minutes
Running (10km/h) 57
Spinning 56
Elliptical 56
Climbing 54
Jump rope 49
Hydraulic Oar 43
Vinyasa Yoga 43
Aerobics 39
Steppers 3. 4
Tennis 30
To swim 30
Weight lifting 30
Dance 29
Mountain tour 29
Ashtanga yoga 25
Pilates twenty
Stretching twenty

*All these calculations are based on a 55 kg woman

This is the definitive ranking with the cardio exercises that burn the most calories. In this incredible selection, you will find the best workouts to lose weight. Take note!

1. Running at 10 km/h

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 57

Even if it’s very little, running is the best workout to burn calories. It is the undisputed king of weight loss and all fitness plans that aim to lose weight recommend it.

2. Spinning at 20-25 km/h

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 56

As you might suspect, the intense spinning pedal strokes are among the workouts that burn the most calories. If you want to lose weight quickly, indoor cycling can be a great strategy. Of course, to burn 56 calories in 5 minutes you must exceed 20 km/h… Do you think you are capable?

3. Elliptical

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 56

Attention because the elliptical enters stomping on the podium. This cardiovascular exercise involves the activity of the entire body and requires the coordination of legs and arms to exercise. The best thing about this machine is that it hardly affects the joints, since the elliptical movement of the bicycle accompanies the knees and ankles.

4. Climbing

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 54

Even though it is a sport in which you do not need to be constantly in motion, climbing manages to raise the level of heart rate a lot. By holding on to the rock, you make your muscles are in constant tension, which implies a greater effort of the heart.

5. Jump rope

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 49

As with all other exercises, the amount of calories burned depends on the athlete’s metabolism and the intensity with which the exercise is performed. The truth is that jumping rope at an average speed can burn about 10 calories a minute. In addition, you will also strengthen glutes, quadriceps, legs, shoulders and arms.

6. Water rowing

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 43

The water rower is a machine that often goes unnoticed in the gym. They are usually in an out-of-the-way corner, right after the other cardio equipment, and usually no one is using them. If running on a treadmill is starting to bore you, you should give this machine a try because, in addition to being a good cardio exercise to burn calories, it is also an excellent machine to strengthen shoulders and back.

7.Vinyasa yoga

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 43

Surprised? Yes, yoga can burn more calories than a walk or an aerobics class. Although, those yes, only very specific yoga modalities. We are talking about Vinyasa, a very dynamic yoga exercise in which the change in posture must be matched to the rhythm of breathing. The most advanced students are able to change position so quickly that it seems that they are dancing. Per class, you can burn more than 500 calories… A real outrage!

8. Aerobics session

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 39

Maybe you were hoping your aerobics class would be a little higher. I’m sorry to be the one who takes away your illusion. Although it is true that it is not among the exercises that burn the most calories, a Zumba or body pump class can be a very fun way to lose weight. If you do the math, in one hour of class you can burn up to 400 calories.

9. Stepper at 3 km/h

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 34

The walker or stepper is a very practical and comfortable machine that you can store anywhere. They are usually very reasonably priced and do not require extensive maintenance. To use it you must lean on some platforms and make the same movement that you do when walking. Unlike the elliptical bike, the stepper does not involve the upper body and the movement is much shorter than pedaling. To give you an idea, the exercise you do is very similar to a normal brisk walk.

10. Tennis match

Calories burned in the last 5 minutes: 30

In the last place of our calorie burning ranking are the games you play every Sunday. If that has disappointed you a little, you should keep in mind that in a normal game you spend a lot of time static, waiting for the opponent to pick up the ball.


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