App to do sports at home: your virtual trainer

Playing sports at home with a personal trainer is already within everyone’s reach.  And it is that with a good training APP you can exercise at home with monitoring and controls typical of a professional. With the right sports APP, achieving your goals will be easier than working without a guide. For this, here you have a selection of personal trainer APPs among which you can choose the best sports APP at home for you.

Top 8 training APP to exercise at home

1.- Runtastic, one of the most popular training APPs

The Adidas APP for runners is also valid for training at home. And it is that with it you can record trainings walking at home, dancing or training on a treadmill or on a spinning bike. In addition, you can include your goals and a personal voice coach will tell you how you are doing.

Other interesting features of this sports APP to work at home? It allows you to see statistics about your performance and create groups of friends for collective motivation. This in its free version. The premium includes other advantages. Among them is the access to personalized training plans. So you can do sports at home like with a personal trainer. And cardio sessions with interval training to do at home.

2.- 7 minutes, for many the best APP to do sports at home

With 3 million users, 7 minutes is an APP to train at home that is a great help to lose weight and improve endurance. It also has the great advantage of being the APP for training at home that is most suitable for those who are beginning to work on their fitness.  Is it your case? If until now you have neglected this aspect, it will be very useful for you to leave behind a sedentary life and gain physical shape.

It has videos and exercises with which it will be easy for you to gain muscle, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular function. With daily warning of training and voice guidance of the beginning and end.  And with a training log so you can check your progress and analyze it.

3.- Powerlift to train at home

One of the most popular fitness training APPs to work from home is Powerlift. It is especially indicated for those people who already do sports on a regular basis. It is even valid for elite athletes. It is paid but low cost and worth what it costs.

Its main attraction is that it allows you to optimize your training in a real way. And it does so thanks to its different measurements of the most popular exercises and their analysis. Both for the upper body and the lower body.

4.- HIIT and Cardio Workouts from Fitify the APP for training at home

Especially indicated to help you lose weight with video demonstrations. This APP has 4 training programs and more than 90 different exercises with which you can exercise at home. And you can customize your training by choosing the exercises from its catalog that interest you.

It features HIIT and low-impact exercises.  Also with jump training and light cardio for those who, due to health or lack of habit, cannot train more demandingly yet.

5.- Skimble Personal Trainer Workouts

Another fantastic training APP is Skimble Personal Trainer. Ideal for home weights, cardio and yoga workouts as well as HIIT workouts. You can listen to instructions for your training. And also get audio of your progress signals.

It has a large gallery of exercises from both the APP and certified personal trainers. If you are interested in training at home and want real help to get tangible results, check it out. It may be the best sports APP at home for you.

6.- Yoga Down Dog, to do yoga at home

Maybe when you talk about sports APP you don’t think of yoga as the first option. But it is interesting to improve skills such as flexibility and balance. It’s also a great way to exercise on rest days from your most intense cardio or strength training. Or combining with these to relax body and mind.

This yoga APP allows more than 60,000 different configurations, which makes it perfect for those who get bored training with repetitive exercises. And you don’t need to know anything about yoga because it is designed to help beginners.

7.- Suspension Workouts for TRX, Fifty’s TRX personal trainer APP

With a voice trainer and HD videos, if you are looking to train in suspension at home, this APP is perfect for you. It features over 100 different suspension exercises and 5 unique TRX training programs created by personal trainers. One of its added advantages is that you can use it offline, so you won’t end up with your data even if you train hard throughout the month.

With customizable difficulty, it allows you to create your own workouts based on its TRX exercise library.

8.- Freeletics, the training APP to get fit from home

The best thing about this training APP is that it is valid both for experienced athletes and for those who want to start taking care of their fitness. Depending on your current state and objectives, you can carry out training sessions from 5 to 30 minutes, and with different degrees of demand and difficulty. With personalized coach.

It has free features and a paid premium version that is considerably more complete. In addition, it also allows group training sessions. This feature is ideal if you need extra motivation or want to train with your friends. Or if you get bored doing it alone.

If you want to train at home with a virtual trainer, these are some of the best training APPs at your disposal. Explore the different options to choose the one that’s right for you based on your goals and current fitness. It will be the help you need to exercise effectively at home and get you closer to achieving your goals.


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