Exercise routine for glutes at home

Enjoy toned and firm buttocks thanks to these two exercise routines for buttocks at home.  Both are routines with which you do not need any special material or tools. You only need your body and the desire to work to improve this specific area of ​​the body.

Exercises for glutes

First glute routine

Get ready to lose fat and shape your buttocks by dedicating a few minutes at home to this buttock exercise routine.

  1. Perform a set of cross-strideexercises for 60 seconds on each leg. Rest for 30 seconds.
  2. Starting from the starting position, do a changeover side lungeGo changing legs quickly and continuously. Perform the entire exercise each time in a series for 60 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds in starting position.
  3. Do one set of single leg squatsworking your right leg for 60 seconds and do another set of 60 seconds working your left leg. Rest 30 seconds in starting position.
  4. Perform a series of lateral jumps for 60 seconds. Stand on one leg very slightly bent at the knee and with the opposite leg raised off the ground; jump sideways to land on the opposite side. Pause briefly and jump up to bounce back to the starting position. Rest 30 seconds in starting position.
  5. Lieon the floor on your back with your legs bent. She lifts one leg up and grabs the knee with her arms, bringing it closer to her shoulder. Raise the hip by pushing with the supporting heel until the knee, hip and shoulder are aligned. Work 60 seconds with each leg. Rest 30 seconds.

Second routine for glutes

This routine with gluteal exercises for home consists of performing 5 exercises, which surely all or most of them sound familiar to you, but not as fast as you can, but to focus attention on doing the best possible technique, to perform them correctly and get more out of it. the training.

Above all, do not forget to slowly lower each exercise (returns to the starting position), to further exploit the muscle. Now all that remains is to go for it!

To get well-worked, firm, toned and fat-free buttocks, do one of these two circuits three times in each work session. It is enough to perform these exercises for glutes 3 times a week. You will begin to notice the changes after 6 or 8 weeks from the beginning of it. The idea is to focus your sessions on one of the two gluteal routines, although you can also combine them.


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