How to get a fitness body in 3 months?

It is very common to want to get a perfect body for the summer, with the idea that we like how we look on the beach. The truth is that the ideal is to practice sports and take care of your diet on a regular basis. This way you will not only stay in shape, but your health will also benefit. In this article we are going to explain how to get a fitness body in 3 months.

The first thing you have to be clear about is that there are no miraculous tricks to achieve results without effort. If you really want to achieve a perfect silhouette, you will have to practice sports and take care of your diet every day.

It’s not about eating too little

Many times, when you want to lose weight quickly, you tend to eat too little. This is the first mistake and something to avoid. To get a female fitness body in three months you should not consume less than 1200 calories. In the case of men this amount rises to 1500. Obviously it is not an exact figure, since you have to consider other aspects such as weight, height and the physical demand that one has on a daily basis. However, it is an indicative number.

What you have to do is remove the excess. Imagine that your recommended amount of calories is 1,300 and you are consuming 2,400 every day. The caloric intake is greater than what your body needs, and therefore you can reduce it. It’s about keeping yourself within limits.

Food is key

As we said in the previous section, it is not about stopping eating. What you should do is watch that your diet is healthy. Eat foods that provide you with nutrients, but reduce the consumption of processed and saturated fats. Ideally, you should eliminate these fats completely; However, if it is very difficult for you to do so, reserve them only for a specific occasion.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that getting a fitness body is not just about losing weight; You also have to gain muscle mass. To achieve this, it will help you to increase the presence of protein in your diet.

Finally, we will emphasize that you should eliminate or minimize alcohol consumption.  The reason is that it provides empty calories, which are neither good for your body nor help you achieve your goal.

Respect the number of meals

Sometimes the lack of time is used as an excuse to skip meals. This is another mistake that you should not make. It is advisable to eat five meals a day and distribute the calories between them. Try not to eat too much at one hour and too little at another: you must maintain a balance.

Just as you take your prepared food to work, take a healthy snack for mid-morning and another for snack time. It’s just about making it a habit.

Don’t neglect hydration

This is something that must always be highlighted: hydrating well is essential. Think that to get a fitness body for women or men you will have to do a lot of sport. That is why it is necessary that the muscles have enough water to resist the effort; otherwise you could injure yourself. Learn to identify the signs of dehydration to always perform at your highest level.

Exercise regularly

You have already seen that a good diet is crucial, but so is exercise. If you simply lose weight your body will be thinner, but that does not make it a fitness body. For this you have to tone up and gain muscle mass, so that your silhouette looks well sculpted.

The first thing you have to do is include exercise in your routine. It is advisable that you train four or five days a week, leaving some rest. If the latter is not possible, intersperse different types of exercise to avoid overexertion that could lead to injury.

On the other hand, keep in mind that doing cardiovascular exercise – running or hiking, for example – helps you lose weight. However, to tone and mark your muscles you need to do strength exercises. This way you will work the muscle groups in a more localized way and you will see how your body is increasingly sculpted. Do not forget that the abdomen is usually one of the most problematic parts, where more fat accumulates, so do not neglect this area.

On the other hand, on many occasions the male public, when looking for a male fitness body, focuses a lot on the upper body. If this is your case, do not neglect the lower part and thus you will achieve that everything is balanced. Although there are exercises that are liked more than others, anyone who wants to achieve a fitness body has to pay attention to all of their muscle groups.

You already know how to have a fitness body. As you can see, there are no tricks that will make you lose weight and mark your muscles from one day to the next. It is about making an effort and giving the same importance to sport and a good diet.


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