How to do gluteal exercises on a cardio machine?

When you train in the gym, you are looking to get the most out of the exercise, that is, to burn the maximum number of calories while you define the muscle and tone it. To train buttocks on a cardio machine and get them firm and toned, choosing the machine is an important step before starting the workout.

The firmness and toning of the buttocks continues to be a concern for women and men of any age, which is why many choose to train the buttocks on machines.

The treadmill has been designed for cardiovascular exercises, and the risk of diabetes or hypertension can be reduced by up to 90% if you use it for 30 minutes twice a week.  However, using the tape differently can also work to tone your gluteal muscles and make them look better than anyone else.

Treadmill gluteal exercises

Treadmills offer a complete and varied exercise depending on speed and inclination. We recommend a slow pace, avoiding the use of the railings, in order to get joint work on the arms and legs. Next, we leave you three exercises to tone the buttocks on a treadmill:

1. Soft but intense strides or lunges

With the treadmill moving slowly and facing straight ahead, spread your legs out in front of each other as far as they will go and try to bend the knee of the trailing leg until it almost touches the band. Repeat the movement for 1 minute 30 seconds.

This will speed up your heart rate and make you feel the intensity of the exercise in the glutes and quadriceps.

2. Walking sideways

Stand on your side on the treadmill and at a moderate speed try to walk sideways, when you reach the end of the treadmill, do a little jump, fall into a squat and get up to repeat the movement. Repeat this exercise for 2 minutes, then stabilize your heart rate by walking on the treadmill at medium speed.

This exercise will strengthen your balance, concentration and, of course, it will firm your buttocks and legs.

3. One leg at a time

Stand at the toe of the treadmill at low speed, hold on to the sides, and squat down by sliding one foot on the band while the other is locked to the side of the machine. Concentrate the force on the moving leg.

Perform this exercise for 2 minutes and stabilize your heart rate using the treadmill at medium speed. Repeat on the opposite leg and bring the breath back to steady. This exercise will tone the buttocks and strengthen the legs.

Glute exercises on the Cyber Arc Trainer

One of the innovations offered in gyms is that you can do buttocks on a machine making  movements in the form of an arc, with the Cybex Arc Trainer machine, which forces you to stretch your legs and give mobility and strength to your buttocks. It is not an elliptical or a stair climber, but a gluteal machine if we use it in favor of this part of the body. Here are two exercises to tone the buttocks on the Cybex Arc Trainer machine:

1. Increase the intensity to work the glutes

Unlike the elliptical trainer, whose intensity simulates an inclined walk, this buttock training machine can give us the desired tone for them while maintaining control of the force to continue the movement, which in turn will increase the demand for energy and the calorie burn. Maintaining this movement for about ten minutes will strengthen the glutes and hamstrings. Remember that you control the intensity of the machine, and depending on the resistance you have, you will place it between medium, high or extremely high.

2. Strides and climbs

The Arc Trainer works as a glute machine using the Pikes-Peak program, which simulates slopes, as if it were a step machine for glutes, and the positions serve as displacement (low), stride (medium) and climbing (high), which together give tone to the buttocks and the front part of the thighs.

Step machine exercises for glutes

Climbing stairs has always been a great way to tone your legs and buttocks while challenging your cardiovascular system. With the climbers you will get a fast and complete hardening of the buttocks, in addition, the exercises on the climber for buttocks are endless! Of course, always try to extend the hip as much as possible before shifting the weight to the other foot. To give the maximum in your training, it is best to divide the gluteal training in machines of different styles, so you will get a complete workout, strengthening them to the maximum.

Glute exercises on TRX

Another way to tone and strengthen them is with TRX exercises for glutes, a training method based on suspension and body weight.

In this training, the practitioner’s hands or feet are suspended from an anchor point on the bands, while the other part of the body rests on the ground. Next, we will tell you  what exercises with TRX for glutes you can do to tone them:

1. Squats

  • Stretch both ends of the TRX strap with your arms and lean back, leaving your body suspended, then lift one leg straight up while bending the knee of the opposite leg.
  • If you want to give the exercise more intensity, take a jump and land again with the same leg that you pushed off. Do it five times for each leg, then rest and repeat the exercise three times.

2. Strides

  • Strides done without suspension have a visible effect on the buttocks, but with TRX the result will be maximized, you only have to suspend one leg from the TRX while the other remains straight and there you will focus the tension while you stretch and shrink the suspended leg. If you jump, the intensity of the exercise will be higher.
  • Repeat this work for three series of 10 to 15 stretches on each leg. Rest between one series and another, always alternating legs.

Remember to accompany the gluteal exercises on the machine by drinking plenty of fluids and maintaining a balanced diet.


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