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5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time

Work your muscles and burn all the fat in half the time of conventional exercises thanks to these powerful classic gym training exercises but improved for greater efficiency and maximization of training time:

Training for bodybuilding exercises

For rapid muscle growth and fat loss, complete this circuit 3 times up to 3 times a week, with a rest day between workouts.

1. Improve squats

Squats are often the favorite exercise for all trainers because they work the  quadricepshamstringsglutes, lower back, and abs. In this exercise, good execution and technique is crucial, for example, if you do not have a strong core, the back tends to round, which can probably lead to lower back problems and reduce the work that should be done on the muscles.

Now, to improve the exercise and increase its power you can add a military press movement. Instead of putting the bar on your back, you should grab it in front and at the height of your shoulders, which will make the torso stay positioned more straight and reduce the problems that usually occur with the back while working more on the muscles. ABS. At the same time, by adding the military press in the squats, you will also work the shoulders and triceps, without forgetting that you will increase testosterone and growth hormone levels, making your muscle grow for much longer.

As for the grip, grab the bar above your hands and at shoulder height. It should be lowered until the thighs are parallel to the ground and it is once you are going up, when you have to raise the bar above your head. About 8 repetitions should be done.

2. Improve the Bench Press

The classic exercise of the Bench Press serves to work all the muscles involved in making the chest grow. The problem with this exercise is that it is usually tempting to increase the load, which makes the movement and form become incorrect and can cause injuries, as well as leaving the muscle working correctly.

The improvement for this exercise basically is to work it with the best possible technique, going back to the origins. It is advisable to lower the load up to 20%, keep the elbows close to the torso and the hands parallel to the shoulders. To also work the abdomen, perform a leg lift when the bar is in the support during the rest.

For the good execution of this exercise, first stretch out on the bench and lower the bar to the height of the middle of the chest. Come up from mid-chest and straighten your arms. Keep your heels flat on the ground and squeeze your abs to stabilize your body. Once the repetitions are done, and when the bar is back in the rack, raise your feet and legs parallel to the ground. It lasts throughout the rest time and thus avoids having to do the iron later. Then repeat the exercise with 10 repetitions per set.

3. Improve the Inverted Row

The improved version of the inverted row  will allow you to increase the most central part of your muscles and strengthen the midsection of these. In fact, the stronger the core of the muscles, the better results  and greater efficiency of any exercise we do. This also implies a saving of time and a complete work of the abdominals without hindering the work of the back and hands.

To perform this exercise, place the bar on a weight rack or use the multipower, position yourself below and with the bar at waist height. You must hold on to the bar with your hands, and you can place your legs on top of a FitBall, just touching with your heels. Once positioned, squeeze your abs and rise until your chest touches the bar. 10 repetitions must be done.

4. Improve the Barbell Row

To achieve great results in the back muscles, this improved version of the barbell row (bent over row) is recommended. Before starting the main movement, you should do a leg lift while lying on your side. This simple previous step will help activate the buttocks and greater fat burning during the exercise.

Then try activating more of your back muscles by combining the bent-over row with the barbell and the deadlift.

(From left to right) Do the barbell row to your chest, lower the bar, and perform a deadlift. The repetitions should be done without rest between them for a more powerful work of the muscles and perform about 8 repetitions in each round.

5. Improve Pull Ups

The pull -ups are really a good muscle- building exercise and a very complete one that works hard on the bicepsabs, shoulders and lats. Many mistakes are usually made during the execution of this exercise, especially caused by swinging too much.

A study has shown that with 30 minutes of eccentric training, just performing the lowering movement slowly and accurately has the same benefits as 3 sessions of 60 minutes of weight lifting. One way to improve the exercise and increase power is to raise the knees during the execution, which will also favor the six pack and increase the benefits of the aerobic training done previously.

Use a box or bench to climb to the top of the bar. To perform this exercise correctly grab the bar with an overhand grip, palms facing down, with a shoulder-width grip and lower your body very slowly with your arms straight and without swinging. In this position, the knees must be drawn towards the chest up to 10 times before releasing the bar. About 12 repetitions should be done.


To achieve rapid muscle growth and fat loss, you must complete this circuit 3 times, 3 times a week, with at least one day of rest.


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